Saturday, March 20, 2010

Melayu Nation And A Piece Of Lidi

Do we realize that the yellow sticky rice and coconut mixture with the brown sugar which the Malay used to call "inti" that we probably are still eating and enjoying now (as we sitting in the event of syukuran, akikah, tepung tawar, or pinangan etc. that represents part of Malay culture) also being enjoyed in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore or other countries that have a strong Malay culture?

The sweat comes out of the scalp and face are because we eat roti jala and kari kambing are also being experienced by someone in Riau, Palembang, Jambi, Pontianak, Medan, or other areas that have Malay's taste whereever you look at.

Nak Kemane Pa'cik? Ape hal ni? Ape nak buat tu?, are sound strange indeed not in all the said regions or countries. Not to mention the very similar songket, teluk belanga, peci hitam, tudung kepala, baju kurung and so forth, which could be seen when there are traditional parties in progress (since blue jeans and t-shirts are more day to day's wear now). But, yet those outfits are for sure still there, well-kept in the cupboard and always ready for use.

Their wisdom, wise saying, advices, pantun, jokes, and caci maki, can never be covered or hidden behind their current trend in fashions.

Their tongue can not be fooled between gudeg's taste with lomak curry or tea tubruk's with tea tarik or the familiar sounds in their ears and feelings between classical orchestra with the sound of cheers strings made by pak Nurdin while meronggeng with typical drum's beats and tone of akordeon whisper, or just mothers' hum with any Malay's tunes while sitting their babies are likely more touching rather than twisted voice of Celine Dion or Krisdayanti sonority.

All these are already there in our blood flows even before we were born as a Malay, something that we can not do about or choose, it is our genetics. It is our soul and selves, it is our calyx, the sense of identity and nationality of being a Malay.

However, it is not the case of a study or fact that we can proclaim as an excess over another nations or tribes, but that is the color of our people which we should grateful for instead. Only this "resam" apparently was not strong enough to unite us as one nation since territorial limits of a small area to the limits of a country makes us apart. Although both have same cultural aspects at the same time, but one region or country always feel better than the others. We may be in different professions, education, standard of living, legal or political environmental and other physical conditions that we must follow the go. But do we realize that actually there are more facts which can not be limited just by those attributes?

As they said "If the Malay are like flowers withering themselves not because of being burnt by sun or pulled out from the ground but because they sincerelly bend," then a harmonious social interaction will be there, a philosophy that respects the award of nature and its contents without any limit .

Malay is a large nation (?) in terms of geographical and population that can not be denied. There are more than three countries in this region where the States have a great group of population who claimed themselves as Malay people, and some countries even have stake of Malay culture and history. However, it is only in quantity while from quality and entities, can we call these simply as band of a great Malay nation?

The facts that geographically, total population, culture and ideology have made - and certainly still can make - Malay people became a big and strong nation had already been well-noticed by other nations since centuries ago, especially by those who had been dealing with the region's authorities where Malay people were the mayor population. So, various strategic sparatisms were systematically planted within our way of viewing the Malay brotherhood and nationalism, natural resources, humanism, knowledge, science and nation's ethics which in fact, so rich, until they turned to became so blur then gradually hidden from our sight.

Read the poetic lyrics from the era of Sultan Badarudinsyah or even from a long time prior to this date which most probably were not documented in our countries, also the Gurindam Dua Belas by Raja Ali Haji from Penyengat, or the famous quotes from Hang Tuah "Tak Kan Melayu Hilang Di Bumi". Aren't they better thought to study rather than phylosophies of Socrates or Plato that we apply into our current laws and political views?

As the Malay saying, "Di mana bumi dipijak di situ langit dijunjung", do we - as one who are standing on the Malay earth right now - also appreciate its unlimited sky and adopt its phylosophies to become our ways of thinking and behave?

Malay tribe could wipe out strife, economic backwardness and political thorns so we wont be stucked by them and never get dusty or muddy while grappling with our daily life's demands.

To understand that the word "Malay" is not just an explanation of an identity but is a philosophy that will never finished dug out, will certainly enable us to gain back our great Malay nation glory. However, it's all impossible to happen if we stand still like a piece of lidi.

Sungai Rokan, Rantau Bais, March 2007.
Tengku Ryo Riezqan


  • I think Malay Nation like Celtic Nation,because Malay Nation has seperated in some countries with many thoughts about their History and just like Celtic Nation whom seperated in some countries its Ireland,Welsh and Scottland also Galicia (in west coast Spain),remains Galia (in France). Unfortunetly now some persons in Indonesia and Malaysia has get Amnesia Sympton about their the Great Civilizaton and History also too Busy with the Patent Right:)

    January 20, 2012 at 4:34 AM

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